Monday, April 7, 2014

Being Anti Gay Marriage - I don't get it

If you haven't seen the Honey Maid commercial with numerous different types of families, I suggest you watch it. It's a sweet commercial showing that no matter how you "family," whether it be two dads, two moms, a White dad and a Black mom, or whatever your configuration, we all care about our kids and their health. It's about family, not who makes up the family.

But there was some major backlash to this commercial. People tweeted and posted on their Facebook page in droves about how bad it was, and how "gay marriage" is ruining "marriage." This is what I'm stuck on. I don't get it.

Some people will tell you that being gay is a sin and that's why they're against gay marriage (or whatever you want to call it). Here's my thought on that - do you see other sins on TV? You do. Do you get all up in arms when on a TV show someone cheats on their spouse? No, you turn it off. Do you get all upset when someone covets their neighbor's shit? No, you stop watching or don't even realize it anymore. So why is this one "sin" (and that's debatable to some people, whether or not it's a sin) the one that people feel the need to get all upset about? Is it bothering you personally? Do you worry you may be gay? If it's not personally bothering you, then what the fuck.

People have said they don't like seeing someone else's lifestyle "shoved in their face," as if seeing someone date someone different from them or someone the same gender as them in public is "shoving it in their faces." Wait... if you're gay, are all the straight people about shoving something different from you in your face? Are most of the TV shows out there not showing you or your life? So really, shouldn't the homosexual population be the one that can truly say people are shoving stuff in their faces? I mean honestly.

And to the argument that "gay marriage" is ruining "marriage" - how so? How does widening the definition of a word to include more people making your marriage any less "good?" How is it "ruining" your personal marriage? It's not. I mean, again, unless you worry that "being gay" may happen to you. If you're worried that someone is ruining long-term relationships, I can tell you there are many other areas of the world that are doing a heck of a job at that. What about online dating sites for married people. But where's the legal backlash against that? Where are the protests? Where are the cranky Facebook posts?


  1. WORD. With all the hatred, violence, drug addiction, corruption, sexism, racism, pollution, GMOs, diseases, wars,and all the rest of the heartbreaking painful things in this world why is commitment to love under attack??

  2. Totally agree - not something we really need to be focusing on (I don't think personally).